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We help you find the best prosthetic solution for your needs, traditional or exceptional.

Located close to Copenhagen airport we accept patients from all over the world.


Parts prosthetic rehabilitation consults, plans, fits, and produces specialist and medical prostheses such as:

  • Eyes (ocular prostheses or orbital prosthesis)

  • Noses (nasal prostheses, nasal septum obturators (buttons), nostril support and expanders (nose olives)

  • Ears (auricular prostheses)

  • Midface and combination prostheses

  • Nipples

  • Penis (transgender, micropenis, trauma)

  • Individual fingers or toes

  • Tracheostoma prostheses (individually designed tubes, cannulas, and blockers)

  • Fistula covers

  • Keloid compressions for ears

  • Standard and individually fitted eye patches (fabric or silicone)

  • Consultation and planning for surgery and implant positioning (for medical professionals)

  • Consultations for patients and their families

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